Terminate Massachusetts Probation

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Terminate Alabama Probation Early

Terminate Massachusetts Probation Early
You May be Able to Terminate Your Massachusetts Probation Early.

  Can you terminate Massachusetts probation early?

  Yes.  Massachusetts law gives judges the authority to release defendants from probation early.  (Generally, to be released from probation early you have to pay off your fines, complete at least half of your probation and complete all court ordered classes and treatment.)

Massachusetts Shorten Probation:

  General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 279 Judgment and Execution. - Section 1 Suspension of execution; payment of fine; probation; revocation of suspension; exceptions

  Section 1A. When a person convicted before a court is sentenced to fine and imprisonment, the court may direct that the execution of the sentence, or any part thereof, be suspended, and that he be placed on probation for such time and on such terms and conditions as it shall fix. The court may direct, as one of such terms and conditions, that payment of the fine may be made to the probation officer in one payment, or in part payments, during the period of probation or any extension thereof, and when such fine shall have been fully paid the order of commitment as to the fine shall be void, but the order of commitment as to imprisonment shall not be affected by such payment. The probation officer shall give a receipt for every payment so made, shall keep a record of the same, shall pay the fine, or all sums received in part payment thereof, to the clerk of the court at the end of the period of probation or any extension thereof, and shall keep on file the clerk’s receipt therefor. If during or at the end of said period the probation officer shall report that the fine is in whole or in part unpaid, and in his opinion the person is unwilling or unable to pay it, the court may either extend said period, place the case on file or revoke the suspension of the execution of the sentence. When such suspension is revoked, in a case where the fine has been paid in part, the defendant may be committed for default in payment of the balance, and may also be committed for the term of imprisonment fixed in the original sentence. This section shall not permit the suspension of the execution of the sentence of any person convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for life or of a crime an element of which is being armed with a dangerous weapon, or of any person convicted of any other felony if it shall appear that he has been previously convicted of any felony. In granting probation under this section, the court shall include in its terms and conditions of probation that the person convicted shall pay any child support due under a support order, as defined in section 1A of chapter 119A, including payment toward any arrearage of support that accrues or has accrued or compliance with any payment plan between the person convicted and the IV-D agency as set forth in said chapter 119A.

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